Lampard Warns Arteta: “Don’t Become an Arrogant Shit Like Klopp”


Frank Lampard has warned Mikel Arteta not to become arrogant following Arsenal’s victory over Chelsea in Saturday’s FA Cup final. Two goals from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were enough to seal the tie at a crowd-free Wembley.


Lampard“Congrats to Mikel,” Lampard told Soccer on Sunday. “Just don’t become an arrogant shit like Klopp, would be my message. Sniff of silverware and Jürgen starts strutting around like Bertie Big Bollox, giving it the large ‘un. Hopefully Mikel won’t go down that road.”

“I saw Mikel and his team smiling after the final whistle,” said the former midfielder. “To me, that breaks the code. Were they behaving like a bunch of arrogant little Klopps? I’ll leave that for others to decide.”

“As I say, I’m just here to scrape 4th and call people arrogant,” added Lampard.