Liverpool Continue Training in Zorb Balls Amid Outbreak

Liverpool zorbing

Liverpool players have continued to train during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, isolating themselves from one another within plastic ‘Zorb’ balls. The unusual approach has been praised by the PFA.


Klopp“It’s important to keep going,” Jürgen Klopp told Soccer on Sunday. “If we need to lock the players in humiliating balls and treat them like hamsters, then we treat them like hamsters. Hendo looks like a hamster anyway, if I’m honest. So it’s not a huge stretch for him.”

“Of course there are risks,” said the German. “Turns out Dejan’s ball was already infected with COVID-19, so now he’s locked in there with the virus. That’s obviously not cool.”

“We got lucky,” added Klopp. “Could have been Mo, or someone like that.”