Liverpool Docked 12 Points for ‘Tapping Up’ Minamino

Klopp and Minamino

Liverpool have been docked 12 points for the alleged tapping up of Takumi Minamino prior to his arrival at Anfield earlier this month. The punishment reduces Liverpool’s lead to just 2 points and reignites a title race that had looked settled.


Klopp“No, losing the points is not cool,” Jürgen Klopp told Soccer on Sunday. “Did I make contact illegally? A few phone calls and one drunken cock selfie, but I didn’t think the snitching cunt would squeal. Has he never been tapped up before? You keep your trap shut — that’s the first rule of Tap Club.”

“The momentum is with City now,” added the former Dortmund manager. “I expect we’ll bottle it from here, so my message to our wonderful fans is sorry about that. You can blame Snitchamino if the title drought drags on for another 30 years.”