Takumi Minamino has been ruled out for six years after breaking his spine in a freak accident this evening. The 24 year-old fell down a flight of stairs and is now not expected to make his Anfield debut until his 30s.


Klopp“No, it’s not cool,” Jürgen Klopp told Soccer on Sunday. “Dejan Lovren spilled a Capri Sun and didn’t clean it up, and Mina has slipped and gone down 15, 20 steps. His spine and his brain broke his fall, but doctors say that isn’t a good thing. Now we must find other solutions for the next six or seven years.”

“It was a freak thing,” said Klopp. “Especially when Hendo’s rottweiler mounted Mina at the foot of the stairs and started humping his head. I didn’t even know Hendo had a dog, to be fair.”

“We’ll check if he’s ahead of schedule in 5 or 6 years,” added the German. “But we can’t rush the boy. If we bring him back early and he breaks down, then he’ll be too old to play football. So we must be patient for most of the next decade.”