Liverpool Transplant Dejan Lovren’s Leg onto Joe Gomez

Gomez leg graft

Liverpool have surgically transplanted Dejan Lovren’s left leg onto Joe Gomez’ body to hasten the 21 year-old’s return from a fracture suffered in December. Gomez is expected to be available for selection this month, while Lovren now faces a lengthy spell on the sideline as he recovers from Gomez’ injury.


Klopp“Joe is an important player,” Jürgen Klopp told Soccer on Sunday. “Was Dejan happy to give him his leg? Of course not. No player likes to be stripped down for parts. But when you have a good player with a shite leg, and a shite player with a good leg, the solution is not that difficult.”

“Credit to Dejan, he offered his brain too,” added the German. “Saying no thanks was a little awkward, but the offer shows wonderful commitment.”

“Both players need support now,” said Klopp. “Joe’s new leg will have muscle memory of scoring OGs and making crucial mistakes. It will need to be retrained to act more like his birth leg. And obviously there could be a bit of racism on the horizon for Dejan now that he’s mixed race. This is football. We move forward.”