Liverpool Would be in Relegation Zone Without VAR, Study Confirms


Liverpool would be level with Watford and a point from safety without the benefit of VAR decisions this season, an Opta study has revealed. According to the football stats provider, all but 23 of Liverpool’s points have hinged upon VAR.


Guardiola Bored“I knew it,” Pep Guardiola told Soccer on Sunday. “I respect Liverpool, but they’re cheating scumbags. They have a twelfth man sitting up in the video cave, sucking the hairy german balls off Jürgen, no? The statistics do not lie.”

“It makes sense now,” added the former Barcelona manager. “I am a genius, so it was difficult to understand the 22 point gap. But without VAR, Jürgen is just a speccy four-eyed Big Sam, no? This much is clear.”