Mark Lawrenson earned widespread praise and a legion of female admirers last night when he released a video of himself having sex. The 8 minute clip features the former Liverpool defender in a variety of positions that highlight his enormous fitness and flexibility.


“He’s got the body for it,” Match of the Day co-pundit Alan Shearer told Soccer on Sunday. “So why not? He’s a beautiful man with a tremendous buttocks. If I’d an ass like that, I’d be getting it out there too.”


Gary NevilleNot everybody in the football community agrees.

“Is he a sexy man?” asked Gary Neville. “Clearly he is, nobody is disputing that. The strong jaw, the piercing eyes. But sex should be left to the professionals. Nobody wants to see Ron Jeremy as a False Nine beside Lionel Messi in the Champions League final, so why the double standard?”



LawrensonLawrenson himself is adamant that the timing is right.

“I just felt that in a year or two nobody might want to see it,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “People were forever saying, ‘Stop teasing us Mark. When are you going to do a sex tape?’ But I’m getting older. That demand could have dried up.”


Asked about the pressure of being filmed during intimacy, the former Ireland international feels mental strength is key.

“You have to perform,” said Lawrenson. “The dog barking next door, the alarm going off down the street, you just shut it all out and get stuck in. Pleasure is great and all that, but first and foremost it’s about getting stuck in and doing a job.”