Mauricio Pochettino on Newcastle Link: “It’s Depressing”


Mauricio Pochettino has poured cold water on newspaper reports linking him with a future head coaching role at Newcastle UTD. The highly-regarded Argentinian has been available since parting ways with Spurs last November.


Pochettino“It’s depressing,” Pochettino told Soccer on Sunday. “You work hard to achieve your dreams and then you are linked with Newcastle. A kick in the teeth, no? My family don’t deserve this.”

“I must stay positive,” said the former Spurs boss. “But it is hard when you are linked with Newcastle. What would I do with a fat-arsed lummox like Andy Carroll? Coach him? Please, let’s be serious. He’s like a shit Harry Kane.”

“Newcastle?” added Pochettino. “Fuck me. My heart is broken.”