Lionel Messi has sacked Quique Setien following Barcelona’s 8 – 2 humiliation at the hands of Bayern Munich in yesterday’s Champions League quarter-final. The result was Barcelona’s heaviest in almost 80 years.


“Sacking managers is the hardest part of my job,” Messi told Soccer on Sunday. “I do it most seasons, but it never gets easier. Looking them in the eye, handing them their P45 — obviously I don’t do that personally. I make the president do it. Still not nice, to be fair.”

“The Bayern loss hurts,” said the 6 time Ballon d’Or winner. “It was like the slower I ambled around, the worse things got. No amount of ambling made a difference. Weird.”

“I look forward to working with a new manager,” added Messi. “But don’t bother unpacking, would be my message to them.”