Michael Owen Reveals Battle with Tourette’s Syndrome

Michael Owen

Michael Owen has spoken for the first time about his lifelong battle with Tourette’s Syndrome. The former England striker successfully kept his condition private during his playing career.

ToughMichael Owen Gloves

“It’s been tough,” the BT pundit told Soccer on Sunday. “It never flares up during commentary for some reason, so the public haven’t known about it. I’m opening up now because I want to raise awareness.”

“Cock shit bollocks,” he added.


MilnerLiverpool vice-captain James Milner has welcomed Owen’s honesty.

“Fair play to Michael,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “It’s well documented that I suffer from the same condition, and the more light we can shine on it, the better for everyone arse arse big huge hairy bollocks.”

“Fart, fart, fart, fart, fart, massive big hairy minge smothered in margarine,” added Milner.


OwenOwen has been widely praised for his courage, but the former Liverpool striker insists that he is no hero.

“It’s the least I can do,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “If my profile can help educate others about Tourette’s, then I’m happy to tell my own story fart wank big hairy bollocks.”

“Fanny,” he added.