Mignolet Signs New 5 Year Contract

Mignolet contract

Simon Mignolet has signed a new 5 year contract that will keep him at Anfield until 2023. The Belgian only signed an extension in January 2016, but Jürgen Klopp was keen to secure the future of the club’s longest-serving defender.


Mignolet“I owed it to the fans,” Mignolet told Soccer on Sunday. “It would kill them if I left. Every time I’m out walking my dog Howler, people come up and ask, ‘When are you going to sign a new contract?’ It’s not just Liverpool fans, it’s Everton fans too. Now that I think of it, it might only be Everton fans. Not sure what that’s about, but it just shows how I’ve brought the city together. I’m sort of a white Nelson Mandela in Liverpool.”

“I want to finish my career here,” said the Belgian. “It feels amazing to be a fan favourite. When I cost the team points every couple of weeks, they’re always there to pick me up with that famous Scouse wit. ‘Fuck off home you butterfingered shitebag’. ‘Please just die you Hitler Youth-Milky Bar Kid-looking pox bottle’. Things like that. Great banter.”

“That’s why I can never leave,” he added. “I promise the fans, I will always be here.”