Mourinho Accuses City of Performance-enhancing Coaching

Mourinho and Guardiola

José Mourinho has accused Manchester City of using Performance-enhancing Coaching in the aftermath of UTD’s 3 – 1 derby loss at The Etihad. The Portuguese manager insists that the FA must do more to combat coaching if the playing field is to remain level.


Mourinho“It’s cheating,” Mourinho told Soccer on Sunday. “I buy Pogba, I buy Sánchez. Immediately they turn to shit. This is normal. But when City buy players, we see them improve week after week. How is this possible? I do not like to point fingers, but they must be working on things in training. So should we all do that now? Well show us how. Tell us where to buy cones, and so forth.”


Big SamSam Allardyce has also called for an end to coaching.

“It’s these foreigners,” the former Everton manager told Soccer on Sunday. “If the FA don’t police the training grounds, they’ll work on things like passing and attacking. Foreigners are greasy like that.”

“Football isn’t rocket science,” added Allardyce. “You park a bus at one end, and you lump the ball to a fat-arsed lummox at the other. Everything in between is just fannying about like a Frenchman.”