Mourinho: “I Can’t Work Miracles with Spurs Dregs”

Mourinho Spurs

José Mourinho has warned Spurs fans to expect more disappointing results following last night’s Champions League drubbing at the hands of RB Leipzig. The Portuguese manager insists that little can be done with his injury-ravaged squad.


Mourinho“Is difficult,” Mourinho told Soccer on Sunday. “Spurs is a nice, chilled Chardonnay, but all I have left is the dregs. Dier, Aurier, Winks — good kids, but they are the scum at the bottom of the bottle. And don’t get me started on Ndombele. Is backwash.”

“I cannot turn backwash into wine,” said the former UTD boss. “Just like I cannot turn the kid Parrot into a majestic eagle. These are not powers I possess. Backwash is not wine, parrot is not eagle, so we lose again and again and again.”

“Is normal,” added Mourinho.