Mourinho: “I Offered to Deliver Martial’s Baby Myself”

Mourinho on Martial

José Mourinho has lashed out at Anthony Martial for leaving Manchester UTD’s stateside tour to attend the birth of his second child. The French attacker declined his manager’s offer to deliver the baby himself in Michigan.


“It’s difficult,” the former Monaco hitman told Soccer on Sunday. “The gaffer lost it when I said that Melanie was already in labour and I didn’t think it would be wise to fly her to America. He told me that he delivered all of Ander Herrera’s babies against all medical advice, so why not mine?”

“Then he put a gypsy curse on my new baby and fined me two weeks wages,” added Martial. “I don’t mind the fine, but the last person the gaffer cursed was Luke Shaw, and 48 hours later he had man-boobs. That’s not the future I want for my child.”


MourinhoMourinho insists that the curse will not be lifted.

“No change,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “The child is cursed, and that is the situation. Anthony needs to start putting the team ahead of his family, and then perhaps we can revisit. Until then, the baby stays cursed.”

“We all must think of the team first,” added the former Chelsea manager. “Ander Herrera hasn’t seen his children in 18 months even though they live upstairs in the same house. Outstanding commitment. Anthony should look to Ander as an example, instead of hanging around with that fat shitebag Shaw. This much is clear.”