Mourinho Lodges Appeal to Overturn Son’s Man of the Match

Mourinho and Son

José Mourinho has lodged an appeal with the Premier League to overturn the Man of the Match honour awarded to Son Heung-min on Sunday. Mourinho interrupted a TV interview with the four-goal hero to argue that the award should have gone to Harry Kane.


Mourinho“Is wrong,” the Spurs boss told Soccer on Sunday. “As a club, we will fight to overturn Son’s award. And if the league insist that Son deserves it, we will take our case that he doesn’t to the European Court of Arbitration. I will not rest until the trophy is off Son’s mantlepiece and on my Harry’s.”

“Do I think Son is in cahoots with the Premier League?” said Mourinho. “No. Did I fine him two weeks wages anyway, for winning my Harry’s award? Yes. I take that money and I buy my Harry something nice with it. Maybe a motorbike, with HK10 registration.”

“Son is a nice man,” he added. “But when it comes to my Harry, back the fuck off.”