Mourinho on Old Trafford Crowd: “Sing, you Stinking Bastards”

Mourinho crowd

José Mourinho has launched his strongest criticism yet of the Old Trafford atmosphere in comments that are sure to upset UTD fans. The self-styled ‘Special One’ has taken several potshots at what he feels is an overly quiet stadium during home ties.


Mourinho“We have an important game against Liverpool on Saturday,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “Our fantastic fans must help us. My message is sing. Sing you stinking, Northern English bastards. And if you can’t sing, at least bring some pots and pans and clank them together or something. Don’t just sit there like mutes, you stinking bastards. But do not misunderstand me. The fans are fantastic.”

“Twelfth man?” added the former Chelsea manager. “Twelfth bastard more like. But you armchair geniuses in the press will probably twist my words. Our fans are wonderful, whether they are singing — which is never — or just slumped in their seats like 75,000 mime artists OD’ing on heroin.”


ScholesPaul Scholes has accused Mourinho of disrespecting the Old Trafford faithful.

“Telling people to sing?” the midfield legend told Soccer on Sunday. “Who does he think he is — Simon Cowell? Nobody likes a singsong more than myself. I used to belt out the theme song from Titanic in the dressing room before Champions League games to get the lads fired up. Roy Keane would do harmonies. But we were winning titles — not playing a flat back 7 and asking Paul Pogba to become the black Robbie Savage. It’s not right.”