Mourinho's Office

Jose Mourinho has posted a picture of himself online redecorating the manager’s office at Old Trafford. Dressed in a Chelsea training top, the self-styled Special One appears to be hanging memorabilia and awards on the walls.

Louis Van Gaal has accused the Portugese manager of disrespect.


Van Gaal

“First we are thumped in Europe by some Danish randomers,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “Then I fly home to find my office trashed by that asshole Mourinho. My rolodex, gone. My Dirk Kuyt mannequin, gone. And why has he swapped his head for mine in these family photos?”

“He even stole my Wu Tang Clan CD,” added the Dutchman. “Or maybe I left it in the car. Either way he’s still an asshole.”


Van Gaal jacketThis is not the first time Chief Executive Ed Woodward has been forced to deny that UTD have tapped up Mourinho. Earlier this month Van Gaal wore a jacket branded with the initials ‘JM’ (see left) — an innocent printing error, according to the club.

“It’s nonsense,” Woodward told Soccer on Sunday. “The board is still fully behind Louis. We have not struck any kind of secret deal with my boy J-Mo.


Mourinho himself feels the office break-in has been blown out of proportion.

“This is not the only office I visit,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “Most nights I visit The Voyeur’s office without clothes, and rub my body against the chair, the phone, the stapler. I do not stop until my musky scent covers all.”