Moyes: “It’s Going to Get Worse Before it Gets Even Worse”


David Moyes has warned West Ham fans to brace themselves for a rocky road ahead this season. The Scot has yet to win a game since replacing Slaven Bilić, having conceded 7 goals and scored only once in 3 fixtures.


Moyes presser“The fans have to be realistic,” the former Everton manager told Soccer on Sunday. “With clubs I’ve managed, things tend to get worse before they get really worse. Probably right now we’re in that honeymoon period where things are going off a cliff. But honeymoons end, unfortunately. And that’s when we’ll really go into free fall. So my message to the fans is, pull your heads out of your cockney arses.”

Moyes denied that he doesn’t enjoy the typical 6 game ‘bounce’ of other new appointments.

“No, that’s incorrect,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “Teams do bounce when I take charge. Some teams bounce up, and my teams happen to bounce down, and stay there. But to say that we don’t bounce at all is ludicrous. Look at Sunderland last season. We hardly won a game when I took over. The table doesn’t lie.”


Hard Head and ShouldersJoe Hart admits that Moyes’ negative approach has confused the squad.

“It’s a bit strange,” the veteran English goalkeeper told Soccer on Sunday. “The gaffer told us to savour the bad times, because they’re nothing compared to what’s coming. When I suggested that we could turn things around he looked at me like I’d two heads and roared ‘Fuck off James Van Der Beek, you shampoo shitebag’. I’ve never been spoken to that way.”

Tony Pulis

Recently-sacked West Brom manager Tony Pulis has backed Moyes to fail.

“Harry, Curbs, Pards, Big Sam and Moysey have all had their turn,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “So I checked the roster, and I’m up next. Then it’s back around to Harry. Unless they slip some poncey foreigner in between. I hate when they do that.”