Moyes on Solskjaer: “The Wheels are Coming Off”

Moyes and Solskjaer

David Moyes has slammed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer following UTD’s draw with Burnley at Old Trafford last night. Moyes managed UTD himself for a season before being sacked, and recognises the warning signs.


Moyes“The boy Solskjaer is drowning,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “It’s well documented that I’m shite at managing football clubs, and I see a lot of myself in Ole. Physically, I look like Ole might if he’d taken a wee peak into the ark from Indiana Jones, and on the coaching side we have that same wee lack of everything you need to succeed at this level.”

“I recognise that look of terror in Ole’s eyes,” said the Scot. “During my time I’d spend half an hour each morning staring in the mirror, smacking my own face, telling myself that the players knew I was an imposter. Most of them later confirmed they did think that, so it wasn’t all in my head, to be fair.”

“The lad’s drawing games now,” added Moyes. “If he follows the same pattern as me, those draws will soon become losses and his wife will have to wrestle a toaster out of his hands on his way into the bath. I thank God every day that Pamela was able to overpower me and beat me unconscious with that toaster. But as I say, these things happen in football.”