David Moyes

David Moyes has found himself in hot water again after threatening to “spank” Sky Sports reporter Clarissa Jones. Moyes was forced to apologise last week after telling BBC reporter Vicki Sparks that her line of questioning risked earning her a “slap”.


Moyes WincingLeaked audio hears Jones ask the embattled Sunderland manager if he expects to still be at The Stadium of Light next season.

“Now, now you Saucy Mare,” replies Moyes. “You’ve been ok so far, but a question like that will get you a spanking Love. I’ll put you over my knee and spank the hole off you if you carry on down that road. So be careful Missy. Unless you want a red arse and my handprint in your buttocks from now until Christmas.”

Moyes insists that his comments have been taken out of context.

“It’s a witch hunt,” the former Manchester UTD manager told Soccer on Sunday. “If you listen to the tape, the lady is giggling while I threaten her. The lassie knows I’m half-joking and that her arse is not in any immediate danger. People want to make out that I was a hair’s breadth from tanning her hide, but that was unlikely.”


Geoff ShreevesSky Sports reporter Geoff Shreeves has backed Moyes to overcome this latest scandal.

“David threatens to spank everyone,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “Not just women. He spanked the hole off me in front of several colleagues after an Everton home game in 2004. I had to sleep on my front for 6 months until the swelling went down, and to this day you can still see a faint outline of his hand on my left cheek.”

“Did being spanked by David Moyes do me any harm?” added Shreeves. “Other than the night terrors and the occasional bedwetting, I can’t say that it did, no.”