Phil Neville Sacked

Phil Neville has been sacked as manager of the English Women’s team after more tweets emerged, appearing to reveal sexist attitudes. Neville was already under pressure after a series of controversial older tweets were published in several major newspapers.

Phil Neville Tweet 1

Phil Neville Tweet 2


Phil NevilleNeville has accepted the FA’s decision to terminate his contract, and apologised for the offensive tweets.

“I can only say sorry,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “Those tweets are not reflective of my attitudes towards lovely ladies. Some might say the clunge today are a tad oversensitive, but times are changing. There’s men ironing and all sorts these days. Am I a fan of it? No. I’ll probably get myself into more trouble here, but I feel ironing is best left to the professionals, which is the ladies.”

“Where was I going with this again?” added Neville.