Neville Suspended for Urinating on Homeless Person

Neville Urinating

Sky Sports have moved quickly to suspend Gary Neville after a photo emerged of the Monday Night Football pundit urinating on a homeless person. It’s the second suspension the broadcasting giant have issued in less than a week, following Jamie Carragher’s spitting incident last Saturday.


Neville interview“It was a moment of madness,” Neville told Soccer on Sunday. “I’ve come out of a pub after a few Appletinis and thought, ‘this hobo is getting what’s in my bladder.’ I don’t know why I’ve thought that. Next thing my penis is out there and it’s drowning the poor lad. It was like an out-of-penis experience. I know I did it, but it felt like someone else was holding my penis.”

“I can assure everybody that it won’t happen again,” added the former UTD full-back. “There’s a community program in Salford that helps people overcome the urge to urinate on homeless people. I haven’t signed up yet, but I definitely might. All I know is that I’ve pissed on my last bum.”


CarragherJamie Carragher has slammed his Monday Night Football colleague.

“It’s the lowest of the low,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “As I said, you can spit on the odd 14 year-old girl and what not, but urinating on a homeless man? It crosses a line for me. I wouldn’t do it, and I don’t think there’s many who’d disagree. Of course, we’ve all felt that urge to unleash a fountain on a sleeping hobo, but you keep it in your pants. I don’t see a way back for Gary, if I’m honest.”