Neymar in jacuzzi

Neymar Jr has credited his sister Rafaella for helping relieve him of pent-up frustration following PSG’s dramatic Champions League defeat to Manchester UTD on Wednesday. The siblings posted a picture to Instagram of themselves canoodling in a candle-lit jacuzzi.


Neymar“Rafaella is the best,” the Brazilian superstar told Soccer on Sunday. “One nibble on my ear and the stress of work is forgotten. I came home so angry about VAR and technology that I pulled the flat screen off the wall and beat the toaster to death with it. But Rafaella calmly ran us a bath, sprinkled a few rose petals, lit a few candles, undressed us and provided me great relief.”

“Also, she gave me a hand-job,” added Neymar.


CerseiActress Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister on HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones, has criticised the siblings.

“It’s wrong,” the Golden Globe winning actress told Soccer on Sunday. “Sisters pulling the salami off brothers in jacuzzis isn’t what football fans want to see. This isn’t like the tender romance of Jaime hockeying Cersei out of it upon the altar where the body of their incestuous son lay in state.”

“My advice to Mr Neymar is simple,” added Headey. “Keep the salami in your pants when family pops round for afternoon tea.”