Özil on Carjacking: “I Was Just About to Get Out and Help”

Ozil car jacking

Mesut Özil has broken his silence on yesterday’s attempted carjacking by two knife-wielding thugs in London. CCTV footage shows teammate Sead Kolašinac leaving Özil’s SUV to fend off both attackers barehanded.


Ozil“I was just about to get out and help,” Özil told Soccer on Sunday. “But then the strap from my fanny pack got caught on the gear stick. By the time I untangled it Kolašinac had ran one attacker and was punching the other in the knife. It would have just caused confusion for everyone if I’d come steaming in at that point.”

“Those criminals are blessed I stayed put,” added the former German international. “Because when I lose my temper? Oh, mama! You’re talking the Incredible Hulk if he accidentally stood on an upturned plug. Kolašinac’s a nice guy, but I’m from the hood, bitch. Shit would have gotten very real.”


KolasinacSead Kolašinac admits that the incident left his teammate badly shook.

“Mesut shit his German pants,” the Bosnian Herzegovinian international told Soccer on Sunday. “When it was over he leaned his head into my chest and asked if I’d hold him for a while. I wasn’t comfortable with it so I rang his mother to collect him, and asked her to bring fresh Y-Fronts.”

“She forgot the Y-Fronts,” added Kolašinac. “But Mesut had some wet wipes in his fanny pack, so we were able to improvise.”