Hand of God

Peter Shilton has called for a retrospective VAR review of Argentina’s first goal in their quarter-final against England at the 1986 World Cup. The former England goalkeeper insists that there is a lingering suspicion of handball surrounding the goal.


Shilton“I’m just asking VAR to take a look,” Shilton told Soccer on Sunday. “Maybe some folks haven’t spotted it, but Diego clearly handles the ball. People might say, ‘Let it go Peter, you bitter old can’t-jump, anvil-footed shitebag’. But this is about applying the rules of the game.”

“Bitter?” said the former England captain. “Not at all — I’ve thought about that game scarcely 100 times per-day over the last 35 years. That’s less than 1.2 million times overall. If people want to call that ‘obsessed’, then they’re not living in the real Mexico 86.”

“World,” he added, his eye twitching. “I meant ‘World’. Not sure why I said Mexico 86.”