Pochettino Accuses Spurs Players of Being “Bottlers”


Mauricio Pochettino reportedly gave his players a furious dressing down in the aftermath of Wednesday’s crushing Champions League defeat to Juventus. According to witnesses, the Argentine branded his team “bottlers” and physically assaulted multiple members of staff.


Dele Alli“The gaffer lost it,” Dele Alli told Soccer on Sunday. “He made every player turn and put their hands on the bench, and then walked around the dressing room calling each of us a ‘bottler’ and booting us up the hole one-by-one. Ben Davies tried to make a run for it, but the gaffer tripped him and smashed his backdoor in with a half-volley before the lad even hit the ground.”

“Kanesy was the only one who walked away without a scratch,” added the midfielder. “The gaffer just leaned in and muttered something to him about Madrid. They both laughed and fist-bumped. Then he picked up where he left off and caved in Eric Dier’s anus.”


PochettinoPochettino denies the accusations.

“I never touched the bottling shitebags,” the Argentine told Soccer on Sunday. “And even if I did, what happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room, no? Do you think I never had my arse smashed in? I played with Diego Maradona at Newell’s Old Boys. He caved in my hole once just because I wouldn’t help him mug a local drug dealer. These things happen in football. Is normal.”