Pochettino Selfie

Mauricio Pochettino has apologised for posting a selfie from Old Trafford with Manchester UTD stars Paul Pogba and David de Gea. The Tottenham boss is bookies’ favourite to replace José Mourinho this summer, and the ill-timed photo is likely to irritate fans of the London club.


Pochettino“I was just in the neighbourhood,” the Argentinian told Soccer on Sunday. “Ed Woodward is an old friend. We go back weeks, so I thought I’d drop in and share a glass of wine with himself and my lawyer and my agent and the Manchester UTD legal team. Just a bunch of homies, chilling with a little bit of illing, as you English say.”

“People are putting 2 and 2 together and getting 4,” said the former Southampton boss. “They see me in a photo with Pogba and de Gea and buying a house in Manchester and leading a light training session with the UTD squad, and they jump to conclusions. I remain fully committed to Tottenham Hotleave.”

“Hotspur, I meant,” added Pochettino.


Paul PogbaPaul Pogba has backed up Pochettino’s denial.

“The gaffer’s not a liar, is he?” he told Soccer on Sunday. “If the gaffer says he’s not the next gaffer of Manchester UTD, then who are we to question that? My job now is to get my head down and work my way into the gaffer’s plans, even though he’s obviously not the gaffer. Would it be an honour to play for the gaffer someday? Of course. But I leave those decisions up to the gaffer, which obviously isn’t the gaffer.”