Pochettino and Wenger

Mauricio Pochettino has labelled rival manager Arsene Wenger a “Bottler”. The usually quiet Argentine made the comment as the race for Premier League glory enters the home straight.

Following a string of poor results, Pochettino believes that Arsenal’s title challenge is now over.


Pochettino“Arsene is a world class bottler,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “He does more bottling than Coca-cola. Don’t get me wrong, his yearly meltdown is a wonderful tradition. March wouldn’t be March without himself and his team carrying a plugged-in toaster into the bath.”

“But Leicester are still a threat,” he added. “We can’t relax just because Arsenal have stuffed themselves face-first into a wood chipper.”


WengerWenger, who attended this morning’s press conference looking dishevelled and wearing one shoe, has accused Pochettino of disrespect.

“Perhaps Mauricio forgets that he is pudgy,” the Frenchman told Soccer on Sunday. “One could call him Porky Pig, if they wished to be unkind. Or perhaps Fatty McBlubber Hole. But that is not how we conduct ourselves at this Club.”

“What nervous breakdown?” he added, without having been asked a question.


Paul MersonClub legend Paul Merson feels that Wenger’s time at The Emirates is drawing to a close.

“Arsene’s been a legendary bottler, but he might have taken bottling as far as he can go,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “It’s time to give another bottler a chance. Brendan Rodgers and Kevin Keegan both bottled the league, for example. World class bottlers. Either man would be a good fit.”