Raheem Sterling Criticised Over Harvey Weinstein Tattoo

Sterling Weinstein tattoo

Raheem Sterling has been criticised for tattooing a likeness of disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein onto his left leg. The English winger continues to create headaches for manager Gareth Southgate, having arrived late last week for World Cup preparations mere days after revealing a tattooed likeness of an assault rifle on his right calf.


Sterling“It’s not what people think,” Sterling told Soccer on Sunday. “I’m a huge Kill Bill fan — I dress up as Uma Thurman in the yellow catsuit every halloween. The tattoo is honouring Weinstein’s work as a movie producer. Not his work as a sex monster. Should sex monsters be allowed make films? That’s not for me to say. I’m just here to play football and watch films made by sex monsters. And films that are made by regular people too. Sex normalers, I guess you could call them.”

“The tabloids love to twist my intentions,” said the former Liverpool winger. “They’ll probably make a big deal of my new Bill Cosby tattoo as well. It stretches from the back of my neck to the crack of my arse. But it’s Bill’s TV work that I respect. Not his sex monsterism. Would Bill still be Bill if you took away his sex monsterism? That’s not a question I can answer. As I said, I’m just here to play football and watch Cosby Show re-runs.”

“Hashtag me too, hashtag time’s up,” added Sterling after a brief word with his agent.


Southgate booGareth Southgate has backed his talismanic winger to come through this latest media storm.

“Raheem’s a good lad,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “I’ve had a word, and he’s agreed to run any new tattoo ideas past me between now and our first group match. From the sketches I’ve seen, his September 11th tattoo might be a problem. It doesn’t quite make clear whether he’s for or against the attacks, but I’m sure with a few tweaks it’ll at least place him on the fence. You can’t say fairer than that.”