Rodgers PSG

Brendan Rodgers has called PSG’s 7 – 1 Champions League demolition of Celtic in Paris a ‘Smash and Grab’. The Northern Irishman insists that the scoreline is not reflective of what was an evenly-matched contest.


Rodgers Stare“A draw would have been a fair result,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “Take nothing away from the PSG boys, they were ruthless. But they’ll know they’ve gotten the rub of the green 7 times. Even at 7 – 1 you could see they were a wee bit nervy. I think they’ll be relieved that we haven’t embarrassed them on their own turf. At times it looked like we might run away with it, to be fair.”

“We put on a masterclass of playing without the ball,” added the former Liverpool manager. “The Paris boys will have learned a lot tonight. They were chasing shadows at times, with the ball. I’m sure they’ll be wondering how we did that.”


NeymarBrazilian star Neymar confirms that he spoke with Rodgers after the match.

“It was strange,” the former Barcelona striker told Soccer on Sunday. “He came up in the tunnel and offered to explain what had just happened on the pitch. I just thought he was some crazy orange fan, but he insisted that he’s the Irish Guardiola and said that I shouldn’t be demoralised by the way Celtic played us off the park without the ball.”

“I was about to have him dragged away by security,” added Neymar. “But he handed me his business card, kissed me on both cheeks seven times and left. The card says ‘Brendan Rodgers, Dream Weaver’, and has a little picture of him riding a horse in his nip on a beach, for some reason. I’m a bit unsettled by it all.”