Rodgers portraits

Brendan Rodgers has begun removing his extensive collection of commissioned portraits of himself from his office. The Leicester City boss is widely expected to be sacked, with the club winless after 7 games.


Rodgers interview

“No, it’s not over,” Rodgers told Soccer on Sunday. “But obviously it makes sense to start removing the portraits now, as that could take several weeks. There’s 3 or 4 thousand of them dotted around the King Power, and maybe 8 or 9 hundred more at our wonderful training facility. A small fleet of 40 foot trucks should do it.”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Leicester,” said the Irishman. “Obviously the owners morphed over time into tight-fisted shitebags. You can’t legislate for that. But as I say, my focus now is on making sure my portraits make it safely into storage.”

“I think of the portraits as my children,” he added. “Which obviously is a huge insult to my biological kids. There’s no hiding from that.”