Rodgers: “I Thought VAR Showed Outstanding Character”

Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers has praised the performance of VAR following Leicester’s 1 – 1 draw with Arsenal at The Emirates last night. A number of decisions were referred to the video assistant, mostly benefiting the East Midlands side.


Rodgers Stare“I thought VAR showed outstanding character,” the Irishman told Soccer on Sunday. “I’m not sure if VAR is a person or a machine — probably nobody knows, to be fair. But whether it’s humanoid, or some kind of artificial intelligence with feelings and emotions, I thought it — or they — was superb on the night.”

“VAR will only improve,” said Rodgers. “So long as we don’t allow it access to the internet and end up in a Skynet situation. If VAR has its own mind — and there’s every reason to believe it does — then it’s probably not something we’d want gaining access to the nuclear codes.”

“Where was I going with this?” he added.