Rodgers and Klopp

Brendan Rodgers has vowed to win the league for Liverpool when Manchester City host Leicester at the Etihad on Monday week. Rodgers narrowly lost out on a league title during his time at Anfield, and is eager to make amends.


Rodgers Smug“Happy to help,” Rodgers told Soccer on Sunday. “It’s well documented that I’m the Irish Guardiola, so it’s just a matter of out-Guardiola-ing the Catalan version of me. In a way it’s Brendan Rodgers vs Brendan Rodgers. I’d pay money to watch an oiled me strip down and grapple with another me. Orgasmic, to be fair.”

“This will be a wonderful learning experience for Pep,” said the Irishman. “His City boys will probably chase shadows for 90 minutes, with the ball. I’ll explain afterwards how we’ve done that to them, and I’m sure it’ll help lift Pep to that next level with your Fergusons and your Busbys and your Rodgerseses.”

“Jürgen knows where I am if there’s anything else he needs,” added Rodgers. “Whether it’s football, spray tans, or wee pointers on making love to a woman, I’m at the end of a fax machine.”