Rodgers Leicester

Brendan Rodgers admits that it will take time for his players to adjust to his brand of spoofing. Leicester fell to a stoppage-time winner at Vicarage Road in Rodgers’ first game in charge, but the Northern Irishman has urged fans to be patient.


Rodgers Stare“Spoofing takes time,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “You have to wear players down with gibberish and latin sayings until their brains seize up — similar to the effects of a stroke. Especially the frontal cortex, which is where the spoof detector is located. If you can shut that off, then spoofing flows into the arse of the brain like wine into the belly of an alcoholic dwarf.”

“Football is a simple game,” said the former Liverpool manager. “I tell the players, ‘Teach a donkey to fish, and it’ll die of starvation because it’s vegetarian’. And that’s exactly what happened against Watford, to be fair. Our donkey cast out its rod, and they’ve exploited that.”


Smug RodgersRodgers rejects the suggestion that he was out-spoofed at Vicarage Road.

“No, that’s not possible,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “Javi Gracia is an outstanding coach, but he’s no spoofer. The only person who can out-spoof Brendan Rodgers is Brendan Rodgers, and why would he do that? It’s well documented that he has outstanding character and a wonderful tan. So I reject the question.”

“Carpe diem,” added Rodgers. “That’s latin for something.”