Spanish international Rodri has lambasted Scotland after losing 2 – 0 to them at Hampden Park on Tuesday. The Manchester City midfielder was scathing of the Scot’s tactics and culture.


“We must respect all opponents, no?” he told Soccer on Sunday. “But they are a bunch of kilt-wearing, haggis-fondling, caber-tossing, tartan-obsessed hoofy-highland cunts. It’s our job now to bounce back against Italy in June.”

“The goals were unforgivable,” said the 26 year-old. “It’s every team’s worst nightmare to concede one goal to Scott McTominay, so for him to bang in two is something I will struggle to live with. My children told me they no longer respect me, and who can blame them?”

“Scott McShitinay, my wife calls him,” he added. “She made me sleep in the shed when I got home.”