Ronaldo and Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo has suggested that his career-long rivalry with Lionel Messi should be declared a draw. Messi will contest Sunday’s World Cup final, whereas Ronaldo’s Portugal suffered elimination at the hands of Morocco.


“A draw would be a fair result,” Ronaldo told Soccer on Sunday. “It makes sense to call it now — or at the very latest before 3 pm on Sunday. It’s been a great 15 year battle, I respect Lionel, yada yada yada let’s just call it a fucking draw.”

“A draw!” shouted the 37 year-old, spitting into his palm and offering his hand to a random journalist. “There, it’s shook upon. Someone ring Messi and tell him there’s no takie-backies. Say it to him and then hang-up.”

“And tell that Infantino cunt to announce it, or something,” he added.