Wayne Rooney Criticised For Beer Hat Apology

Rooney in Beer Hat

Wayne Rooney has been heavily criticised for wearing a beer hat while apologising for his recent drink-driving arrest. The former England captain sipped from two cans of Carling Black Label attached to his head during a press conference also attended by Ronald Koeman.


Rooney locked“You can’t win,” Rooney told Soccer on Sunday. “I’m here to apologise and raise awareness of alcohol addiction, but everybody wants to focus on the cans attached to my head. It’s typical of the press, always ignoring the positive and focusing on the negative. ”

“I’m running low here,” added the former UTD man, sloshing his head from side to side. “Has anyone seen a bag of cans? It’s a Tesco bag. Could everyone look under their chairs please? My ciggies are in there too. Whoever finds it can keep a can.”


Koeman press conferenceRonald Koeman insists that his talismanic striker is a model professional.

“Wayne knows he’s made a mistake,” the Dutchman told Soccer on Sunday. “It’ll be a long time before he gets behind the wheel of a car drunk again. Months, maybe even a year or two. He’s had a few, so there’s no point asking him about it now. You won’t get much sense out of him. But I bumped into Wayne outside the offy this morning and he told me he was very embarrassed.”

“Wayne has asked me to remind everybody about the bag,” added Koeman. “If everyone could just stand up and check under their chair please? It’s a Tesco bag, with a bit of sick on the outside? As Wayne mentioned, there is a finder’s fee. Come on people, it didn’t get up and just walk away on its own.”