Keane Insta

Roy Keane has charted his dramatic body transformation on Instagram, posting before and after photographs to his legion of fans. The Irishman has amassed more than 1 million followers in the 48 hours since creating his account.


“There’s no magic formula,” Keane told Soccer on Sunday. “All I did was switch from regular coke to diet, cut back on the Milky Bars, and sprinkle some EPO and human growth hormone onto my cornflakes each morning. You’d be amazed how the body responds when you cut out the carbs and take one or two steroids.”

“I feel like a new man,” said the former Republic of Ireland international. “I’m sexier now than when I was in my 20s. I told Theresa she’d better up her game or I’ll have to trade her in for a new model. She laughed, but believe you me, nobody else was laughing. She quickly wiped the smile off her face.”

“With great sexiness comes great responsibility,” added Keane cryptically.