Roy Keane and Henderson

Roy Keane has launched a furious broadside at Premier League winning captain Jordan Henderson following last night’s medal ceremony. Keane is scathing of the injured Henderson’s decision to don his playing gear.


Keane“Nonsense,” Keane told Soccer on Sunday. “People talk about ‘full kit wankers’, but I’d go further. The lad’s a ‘full kit cunt’. He’s gone way, way down in my estimation. If you haven’t kicked a ball, throw on your Tin of Fruit. Getting into your shorts and socks and jersey? I’m flabbergasted.”

“Where are the senior players?” said the former UTD captain. “Why has nobody gotten a hold of the lad early doors and head-butted him? I’d be swinging digs at everybody on that podium. The players, the staff, the Sky Sports pundits — everybody would be thumped, and maybe strangled a bit.”

“Pathetic,” added Keane.