Roy Keane Slams The Night King: “He Bottled It”

Keane and the Night King

Roy Keane has slammed the performance of the Night King after his demise during the epic Battle of Winterfell on Monday night. The Army of the Dead had been cruising towards victory before Arya Stark pulled off a dramatic late ‘smash and grab’.


Keane“He bottled it,” Keane told Soccer on Sunday. “The boy Arya is 4 foot 6. Just chop her head off instead of all this fannying about. People talk about tactics, formations — just chop her head off and volley it back over the castle wall, and maybe beat Bran to death with her torso. You have to be ruthless at this level.”

“Soft,” said the former UTD captain. “Mentally, not strong enough. In my day you had your Freddy Kruegers, your Michael Myerses, your Leatherfaces — big personalities. Today it’s all about blue contact lenses and spikey horns. Slaughtering innocent people should be your bread and butter — not joyriding dragons.”

“Maybe the job was too big for the lad,” added the Irishman. “Listen, the Night King had the talent — no question. Some of his work early doors north of the wall was different class. But we’ve seen this before. The boy Sauron thought he could coast as a giant eye. If these lads are leaders, then I’m a ching-chong Chinaman. “