Keane Workout

Roy Keane has been slammed for his series of self-isolation home workouts posted on social media, branded as “over sexualised” by media watchdogs. The Irishman appears oiled and naked in many of the videos, licking his lips and berating the viewer for lack of effort.


Keane intense“Usual nonsense,” Keane told Soccer on Sunday. “People losing their minds over a bit of sexiness and two or three oiled pecs. Theresa films the videos and she’s not complaining. And if she did complain, she’d have a problem, believe me.”

“No, I won’t be toning down the sexiness,” said the former UTD captain. “Can you ask a lion not to roar, or a whale not to do whatever whales do? If people can’t handle me gyrating and hip-thrusting smeared in a drop of oil, then don’t watch.”

“Simple as that,” added Keane.