Luis Rubiales has continued to issue escalating legal threats amidst the ongoing controversy following Spain’s World Cup triumph. The embattled Spanish FA president is refusing to heed calls for his resignation.


“There are almost 5 billion adult humans on earth,” Rubiales told Soccer on Sunday. “According to scientists, approximately 2.5 billion have lady bits, commonly called females. Rest assured, I will sue all of them. If you have lady bits, you will be receiving correspondence from my lawyers over the next 48 hours.”

“The kiss was consensual,” said the 46 year-old. “If you slow the footage, Ms Hermoso actually tries to turn it into a frenchie, with tongue. With my eyes, I told her, ‘No, this is inappropriate. Back off, you sexy perv.’ These are the facts.”

“I will not stand here and be accused of the things I did,” he added.