Ryan Giggs, Bill Cosby and Prince Andrew were spotted in the Old Trafford Directors’ box as Cristiano Ronaldo made his second bow on Saturday. The trio reportedly clubbed well into the small hours following UTD’s 4 – 1 win.



“A wonderful occasion,” His Royal Highness Prince Andrew told Soccer on Sunday. “One always has the most epic bantz with my good friends Giggsy and Cosbo. Two proper nutters, if one might be so bold as to call them that.”

“Many thanks to Manchester Rovers for the invitation,” said the 61 year-old. “If I may express only the most trifling regret about an otherwise thoroughly enjoyable contest of association football, it’s that Rolf Harris was indisposed. He’s a fucking legend, The Rolfinator.”

“Perhaps let us not relay my use of profanity to Her Majesty,” he added. “She’ll go fucking mental.”