Sánchez Snapped Eating Alone on Toilet Floor

Sanchez eating on floor

Alexis Sánchez has been photographed eating lunch alone on the floor of the toilets at Manchester UTD’s Carrington training facility. The Chilean has failed to shine since his transfer from Arsenal in January, and spends most of his time away from the UTD squad, according to sources.


Sanchez exasperated“I respect my teammates,” the former Arsenal winger told Soccer on Sunday. “But they bore the shit out of me. If it isn’t Fellaini waffling on about the latest breakthrough in hairspray, it’s McTominay droning on about how he’s the next Pogba. Which is very disrespectful to Paul, who is often sitting at the same table. So I choose to eat alone in the shitter. This is normal in Chile when you think your family or colleagues are shitebags.”

“It’s not a big deal,” added Sánchez. “The lads generally hold off going to the toilet when I’m in there eating. Except the gaffer. He purposely comes in and unleashes hell in one of the cubicles. I pretend not to notice, but it’s very disrespectful to be grunting and plopping while someone’s trying to eat a fry off the ground outside.”


MourinhoJosé Mourinho denies that he times his toilet visits to overlap with the Chilean’s lunches.

“Nonsense,” the former Chelsea manager told Soccer on Sunday. “For me, the problem is not the man who shits in the toilet. This man shows that he is educated. But the man who eats in the toilet, perhaps he lacks education. And also, if he’s eating in the toilet, where does he shit? In the kitchen? Only Alexis can answer these questions.”