Scott McTominay Handed Pogba’s Number 6 Jersey

McTominay and Pogba

Scott McTominay has been rewarded for his fine form with the iconic number 6 jersey held by Paul Pogba since 2016. Record signing Pogba will now assume McTominay’s number 39 jersey in a direct swap with the 21 year-old.


Pogba frowning“I fucking hate Scott McTominay,” the Frenchman told Soccer on Sunday. “That little shit is taking over my life. Himself and Lingard have a new handshake that goes on for 6 or 7 minutes, and they won’t teach it to me. And he called me Paul Pogshite at training the other day. All the lads fell around laughing, but when I called him Scott McTomingay you could hear a pin drop. Now I have to attend diversity training twice a week with HR.”

“I can’t believe I’m number 39,” added Pogba. “Some reserve player called Larry Crinklebottom knocked my phone out of my hand this morning, and booted me up the hole when I went to pick it up. He’s number 38, so there’s nothing I can do.”


McTominayMcTominay insists that he has no problem with teammate Pogba.

“Pogshite’s a good lad, deep down,” the Englishman told Soccer on Sunday. “My advice to him is watch me. Study the simple things that I do. There’s a lot that he can learn from the likes of myself and Larry Crinklebottom. Crinksy can be a bit hard on Pogshite at times, but at the end of the day we’re here to help the lad become a footballer.”