Sheffield UTD manager Chris Wilder has called for the Premier League season to be voided due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The South Yorkshire club have the lowest amount of points after 17 games in top flight history.


Wilder“Void the season,” Wilder told Soccer on Sunday. “People will say, ‘Sheffield are indescribably shit at football, so that would suit them’. But this is about the Combat 18 pandemic — not football. Void the season, roll out the vaccine, and start again in August with everybody on zero points.”

“At least cancel relegations for a season,” said the 53 year-old. “I haven’t checked the table, so I don’t know who would benefit from that. We might even be thereabouts ourselves. But as I say, this is about doing what’s right during this terrible East 17 pandemic.”

“No sacking managers this season,” he added. “Not sure who came up with it, but there’s another interesting idea.”