Klopp and Simeone

Diego Simeone has explained sprinting down the tunnel without shaking Jürgen Klopp’s hand after last night’s Champions League tie. Liverpool clinched a hard-fought 3 – 2 away victory with a Mo Salah penalty.


“A storm in a teacup,” Simeone told Soccer on Sunday. “I wolfed a bogey Chinese the night before and my arse was in ribbons all day. The situation was precarious — from the 70th minute on I was touching cloth. So when the final whistle blew, I was down the tunnel like Usain Bolt to destroy the toilet in the home dressing room.”

“Jürgen can believe what he wants,” said the Argentinian. “He is welcome to inspect the toilet and see the aftermath. The cleaning staff are calling it Ground Zero, and there is talk of bringing in a priest to perform an exorcism.”

“My preference would be to pour concrete over the toilet and wall it in,” he added. “It worked in Chernobyl.”