Solskjaer black eye

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer conducted his post-match press conference after Saturday’s draw with Everton wearing a fresh black eye. The Norwegian had controversially named Cristiano Ronaldo among his substitutes for the tie.

Black Eye

“Cristiano is Cristiano,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “You’re always going to have that bit of violent banter when he’s left out of the team. You lot in the media will probably make a mountain out of this shiner, but the doctors say I could regain 60% of sight in the eye over the next year or so. You can’t say fairer than that.”

“Probably not,” said Solskjaer, when asked if he’ll omit Ronaldo again in the future. “Knocked out and stomped on while I’m unconscious once, shame on Cristiano. Knocked out and stomped on while I’m unconscious twice, shame on me.”

“Does anyone have any ice?” added the 48 year-old. “Or a bag of frozen peas?”