Souness on Pogba

Graham Souness has backed allegations made by Mathias Pogba against his superstar brother. The elder sibling has accused Paul Pogba of using witchcraft to curse French teammate Kylian Mbappé.



“I believe Mathias,” Souness told Soccer on Sunday. “There’s no doubt in my mind that Paul is dabbling in witchcraft. I criticised him once in this very studio, and that night I shit all over my bed as I slept. My wife woke and thought there’d been a mudslide. Is anyone going to sit here and tell me that wasn’t Paul’s doing?”

“People talk about your Hitlers,” said the Scot. “Your Shipmans, your Genghis Khans. But to me, Pogba is the embodiment of pure evil. And if he’s using witchcraft now to tap into dark forces from an unholy realm, then it’s only a matter of time before the boy destroys the world, and possibly the universe with it.”

“But on his day?” he added. “Unplayable.”