Souness on Pogba: “Useless as a Nun’s Fanny”

Souness and Pogba

Graham Souness has launched another stinging criticism of Paul Pogba in the aftermath of Manchester UTD’s upset loss to Newcastle. The French playmaker was substituted on the hour mark following another lacklustre display.


Souness“There’s a saying in Glasgow,” Souness told Soccer on Sunday. “As useless as a nun’s fanny. Let me explain. A nun has a fanny, like any other woman. Not many people know that. But because of her vows, it’ll not see the light of day. Paul’s talent is a bit like a nun’s fanny. It’s there, but does it see the light of day? I’d say no, and that’s a problem. Can he turn it around, and transform his talent from a nun’s fanny into something closer to a whore’s flange? I’m not sure.”

“I look at Paul, and he’d not have lasted 5 minutes in any team I played in,” added the Liverpool legend. “If he’d walked into the Liverpool dressing room with a pink stripe in his hair, myself and Phil Thompson would have beat him unconscious with lead pipes and shaved his whole body. We did it to Alan Hansen, and he was a better player for it after the coma. But times have changed. You’d probably be charged with a crime nowadays. It’s PC gone mad.”